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This page is a collaboration featuring poems by Brian Wake with original music by Dennis Conroy.

Brian is one of the UK’s most gifted and respected poets and publishers. A veteran of the famous Liverpool scene of the 60’s,  Brian started the poetry magazines Matrix, Asylum and Driftwood Quarterly publishing most of the best poets on the scene in Liverpool at that time including ; Roger McGough, Brian Patten, Henry Graham, Maurice Cockrill.

Brian Patten: Brian Wake’s voice is uniquely his own, a poetic voice that’s grown in strength and craftsmanship for over forty and more years of writing. There is a slow thoughtfulness about his work. Internal rhymes surprise and hold together beautifully crafted poems that never seem forced. This is a collection from a remarkably good poet to be savoured at leisure.

Reviewing ‘Unbuilding The Ark’ (Headland 1999), Matt Simpson said, of Brian Wake’s poems: Something new and strong has been triggered off, something that is quite clearly his own – a special tone of voice, original turns of phrase, a particular kind of playful seriousness and serious playfulness

Roger McGough: “The poems really hit  home!’

Literature Northwest wrote: New poems which, once again, demonstrate a freewheeling inventiveness, providing a comical counterpoint to the sadness of the human condition. The effect is one of great poignancy.

Of “Into Hiding” Adrian Henri wrote: the poem demonstrates precisely the way one small, happy domestic incident in the present can suddenly evoke a world of pain a generation ago.

To read Brian’s poems is a joy, to hear Brian read them is special -Dennis Conroy

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Into Hiding

It’s Only Me